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Is your rug suffering from pet accidents, such as pet urine or pet deposits? Do the pet accidents have a lingering odor you would like gone? 

When it comes to pet accidents on your rug, there is no need to worry. Pet accidents occur every day and because of that, professional area rug cleaners like Refined Carpet | Rugs, know exactly how to bring your rug back to life, and get the foul odor out at the same time.

Just because an accident has occurred on your area rug does not mean your rug will be permanently stained, or “scented.” So long as you recognize the accident right away, and immediately bring your area rug into a professional wash facility, there should be virtually no issues cleaning and deodorizing your rug. However, it is important to note, that if there are any prior accidents or spills, those can be difficult to get out, and at times impossible, since time has passed, allowing these accidents to permanently set.

If you’re going to have your area rug professionally cleaned, it is best to contact a company prior to dropping your rug off, and ask them a few questions about their wash process, and specifically their process for removing pet urine/pet stains. It takes knowledge, experience, and the proper equipment to complete the task at hand. With over 15 years of experience treating every kind of pet stain, urine and deposit, our experts at Refined Carpet | Rugs are more than equipped to tackle the job.

Like any other reputable rug washing company, we utilize active enzymes to dissolve and treat pet stains and urine. These active enzymes are essentially harmless living bacteria that attacks the pet stain and breaks it up. When you smell the pet accident on your area rug, what you are smelling is the bacteria “off gassing.” This means that the living bacteria is giving off an unpleasant smell due to the salt deposits caused by the urine. When treated with an active enzyme, we are able to completely remove the pet urine from the area rug.

For heavier urine deposits, a soaking pit can be utilized. The pit is typically filled with enough water to completely submerge an area rug. Strong deodorizing agents and active enzymes are then used and left to sit on the area rug for several hours. Since the rug is completely submerged, both sides and every part of the area rug are coming in contact with the cleaning agents. This is the most effective and complete way to entirely rid an area rug of pet stains or urine.

The area rug is then placed in a centrifuge, and spun at a high RPM to remove any remaining water. Next, the rug is hung in a temperature-controlled drying room to dry overnight. The end result is pet stain, and urine-free area rug that is cleaned and brought back to its original beauty.

It’s important to note that if not treated urgently, there are several different issues that can occur. For starters, any pet urine or deposits may permanently set in, which means that even if you take your area rug to a professional wash facility, if too much time has passed, the pet urine and odor cannot be removed. Secondly, dye bleeding may occur as a result of the high PH levels urine releases into the area rug.

If dealt with urgency, and brought to reputable area rug cleaning company, your rug will look and smell like the day you bought it!

For more information on area rug cleaning, and pet stain and pet urine removal, in the Orange County, CA area, please click here.